The Deadwood Story – How it all started

DEADWOOD is founded by us, Carl Ollson and Felix von Bahder, two buddies who met years ago working in the same jeans store in Stockholm, Sweden. We hit it off straight away and a couple of years we founded Deadwood – dedicated to bringing sustainable fashion to the next level. The year was 2012 and we were starting out slowly experimenting with a leather-recycling program on the side while we were running our own vintage shop in Södermalm, Stockholm. The biker jacket was our first style. We have been refining and expanding the project ever since. The Recycled Leather collection, together with our other lines, today form a celebration to ageless rebellion and free-spiritedness.

The Recycled Leather program

The leather jacket is just as much a classic as the basic white T-shirt or a pair of blue jeans. The biker style has been worn both on and off motorcycles for almost a century and people like Marlon Brando, Marylyn Monroe, Andy Warhol, David Bowie, The Ramones, Lou Reed, Kurt Cobain and many others – all inspiring rebels in their own time and way – have contributed to the jacket’s iconic status and timeless appeal.However it’s not easy finding the right jacket. First of all, bumping into one with the perfect balance between a classic look and a modern fit is a real one in a million. Not to mention finding one that suits your wallet – leather jackets are expensive, especially if you want to find one with a soft hand feel. Also, if your conscience is green you are probably already aware that leather production is a heavy strain on the environment. In fact, the making of a new leather jacket in today’s standard mass production causes roughly 200 kilos (440 pounds) of CO2 emissions. The natural alternative for many would be to try to find a vintage jacket, but as you know it’s difficult to find one that doesn’t have boxy fit or panzer hard leather. Sadly it seems almost impossible to combine fit, feel and eco-friendliness in one jacket, don’t you think? Well guess what, we found the solution!

Our Recycled Leather program is a mainly post-consumer waste program in which we collect vintage leather garments, with an outdated style and look, and use the leather to produce new pieces from our own designs. This is a huge relief on the environment and at the same time it gives DEADWOOD leather garments that beautiful and comfortable look and fit they’re known for.

The Pure Waste Program

While most of the leather we use for production is so called post-consumer waste we use quite a different process in sourcing materials for textile-based garments. We strive to use recycled materials where possible and for much of our jersey and woven, especially from AW 15 and onwards, we use pre-consumer waste cotton as the core material. Waste fibers that end up on the factory floors are being collected, refined and turned in to beautiful fabrics with a soft hand feel and a clean conscience.

Alternatives to ordinary cotton

When recycled materials are inappropriate for the particular garment in mind we strive to find interesting and more sustainable alternatives to ordinary cotton. In our denim collections we use organic cotton free from fertilizers, pesticides and genetically modified seeds. For tops we sometimes use bamboo fiber or hemp, both far more sustainable alternatives to ordinary cotton.

Our values

For us at DEADWOOD it’s natural to incorporate our own values into the entire process; from designing to producing, transporting and selling. At the core of the label is the contrast between hard surface and soft values. Sustainability and humane conditions for all workers involved in the supply chain is a central focus and we see no conflict with the punk aesthetic we try to convey. Rebellion today is standing up to fast fashion, ruthless mass production and distorted ideals. Join the movement.

“For whatever reason, get yourself a leather jacket and join the movement today. We can all make a difference and in a Deadwood we’ll look damned good doing it.“