Womens Biker Vest Black
Womens Biker Vest Black

Womens Biker Vest Black

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You are unique, so is this product. Made from recycled leather for a better world. Patched up by hand using vintage leather this product is a wonder in its own right, bypassing most of the negative aspects of the fashion industry.

BIKER VEST. The Biker Vest is based on our bestseller, the biker jacket, and made from recycled/reworked leather. Vintage leather pieces are patched together in the making of this kick ass vest. Fit is tight to be worn as it is or, one size up, over a denim jacket or a sturdy plaid shirt. For these vests we looked for juicy soft lambskin. 

Note: As these jackets are patched up by hand from vintage leather they may differ slightly in terms of leather quality, patchwork patterns and minor signs of wear. That's what makes them unique.

Model is 175 cm tall and wears size 36.

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